Grover Arnett Helps His Clients Through the Hardest Times

December 20, 2018
The attorneys at the Grover Arnett Law Firm, including their name partner, tend to be very results-oriented. They strive to be the best in every practice area in which they work, especially when it comes to car accident and wrongful death cases. They have compiled an excellent track record and the demonstrate a high level of respect for their clients. Since he established his law practice in 1991, in Saylersville, Kentucky, Grover Arnett has developed his firm into one of the best full-service law firms in the state.

Face it; any client who comes to Grover Arnett needs help and they need someone they can trust to make their legal problems go away, because that makes their lives better. While the Grover Arnett Law Firm practices in a number of areas, they are also among the best firms in Kentucky for workers' compensation law. They have also received accolades from Martindale-Hubbell for their high quality legal work as well as for their ability to maintain the highest levels of ethics and integrity in the practice of law.

The Education and Experience of Grover Arnett is Significant

June 15, 2018
Most who know how he works are willing to concede that Kentucky attorney Grover Arnett has always had a passion for learning, especially learning about anything he can about the law and how to be a better attorney. His educational pursuits began at Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. He was so impressive, Grover was student body president and served as the class salutatorian.

Following his undergraduate degree, Grover Arnett went on to earn a law degree from Northern Kentucky University's Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Grover Arnett also knows the value of on-the-job training. Between 1994 and 1999, he was Magoffin County Attorney, during which time he earned a reputation as a stellar prosecutor at the same time he gained the perspective needed to see cases from both sides. One reason Grover Arnett is among the best attorneys to have on your side is because he can see all sides and anticipate the arguments presented from the other side. In the quarter-century since he established the Grover Arnett Law Firm, he and the firm have nurtured a great reputation as an effective advocate for clients. The Grover Arnett Law Firm is highly respected for being very results-oriented, and it is no wonder. His clients tend to be very happy with his work and the work of his firm.